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PREMIERE: Kara Frazier’s ‘I Love You’ is a Timeless Masterpiece

Since coming to Nashville, one thing we’ve always been able to count on is Kara Frazier‘s knack for delivering soulful R&B cuts that are modern, yet timeless. Frazier’s world-class vocal abilities always seem to shine, adding depth and feeling to any track on which she is featured.

Her new single, “I Love You,” continues this glorious tradition.

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PREMIERE: Borrowed Sparks Set to Release ‘Patron Saint,’ Live from The Smoakstack

Since the latter stages of 2021, Borrowed Sparks — the project of Americana-punk singer-songwriter Mike Bay — has been releasing live cuts recorded at Nashville-based studio, The Smoakstack.

The final installment drops this Friday, and it’s a truly gripping rendition of one of the band’s most poignant tunes.

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PREMIERE: Nicole Boggs & The Reel Have the ‘Existential Blues’

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic made many of us question just about everything about the state of the world — and our places in it.

This feeling was palpable for Nicole Boggs & The Reel, and it helped them create some of their most gripping art to date with their new single, “Existential Blues.”

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PREMIERE: Alex Radus May Not ‘Play Like Django,’ But His Music Sure Does Captivate!

Genre-bending storyteller Alex Radus is preparing to release his live album, Tributaries–Recorded Live at Godfrey Daniels, on April 7. Today, we have your first taste — and it’s a fan-favorite from Radus’ live performances in his native Pennsylvania!

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PREMIERE: Feeling Blue? ‘Lavender’ from The Minks is the Remedy

Inspired by the difficult times we’ve all faced over the last couple years, The Minks‘ new single, “Lavender,” is a mantra; it’s encouragement to give yourself a little medicine and let it do its trick. 

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PREMIERE: Ava Earl Releases Title Track from ‘The Roses’

Photo credit: Shannon Earl

People change, circumstances change and, with them, so do friendships. These evolutions can be confusing without proper context, and Ava Earl is here to help us make sense of them with her latest single, “The Roses.”

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