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PHOTOS: Chloe Hogan, Alyssa Lazar, and Ali Henderson at The East Room

Thursday night was another one of those nights at The East Room.

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PHOTOS: Sarah Manzo, Dakota Ryley, and Julia Kahn at The East Room

Friday night was yet another opportunity for some of Music City’s most notable independent talents to take the stage at The East Room, courtesy of NashLive!

This time, it was an all-female lineup of Nashville-based pop artists who captured the crowd’s imagination.

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Songs You Should Hear: PuffHost Brings the Good Vibes, Esquire Brings the Love Back + More

I had an idea last week, somewhere in the midst of getting ready to move into my new apartment (Friday) and throw NashLive’s first ever festival (Saturday). That idea is to feature a few songs in a single article, quick hits-style, and to tell you what we like about them!

In the future, the idea is to have other UMC contributors (not just me) give their staff picks for the week. But for now, I don’t see any harm in starting this party. With that, I welcome you to…

Songs You Should Hear: October 6, 2021

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Live from the 615 Summer Send-off with Ele Ivory, Maggie Miles, and Abigail Osborn

Our Live from the 615 Summer Send-off will take place at The East Room (2412 Gallatin Ave., Nashville) on Monday, September 6. There, you will hear a STACKED, all-female lineup of Nashville pop artists, including Ele Ivory, Maggie Miles, and Abigail Osborn!

Ele Ivory is a Nashville based indie-pop artist who received BMI’s John Lennon Award for her song “LaZboys”. She was also featured on Season 15 of NBC’s THE VOICE as a Comeback Artist with Coach Kelsea Ballerini. Ele’s love for words and the craft of songwriting keeps her searching for fresh ways to express universal feelings. Her music honestly explores the human condition within the soundscape of piano driven organic indie-pop.

Maggie Miles is an alternative pop artist currently creating in Nashville, TN. Having just released her debut album, Am I Drowning or Am I Just Learning How to Swim, in August of 2020, Miles is eager to share the songs with ears everywhere. Her songwriting attempts to reach into the depths of the human condition and paint it with a brush anyone can recognize. Remaining relatable, while obviously grabbing from her personal encounters with life and the challenges it delivers.

By combining honest storytelling with dreamy pop melodies, Abigail Osborn creates the perfect coming of age soundtrack. With influences stemming from artists like The Japanese House and Sasha Sloan, she leaves you with melodic indie-pop that is sure to stay stuck in your head.

Live from the 615 Presents: Timothy Myles, Natasha Blaine, and SHELBYY

We’ll be returning to The East Room (2412 Gallatin Ave., Nashville) on Thursday, July 29 with a fun bill offering many different shades of pop. Joining us to complete this endeavor are the super talents of Nashville locals Timothy MylesNatasha Blaine, and SHELBYY

A Chicagoland native, Timothy Myles kicked off the ticketed era of Live from the 615 shows, back when our world was entirely virtual. His EP, Songs of Hope from Sorrow, was recorded live at Battery Lane Music in East Nashville, and released in full this spring. An engaging performer and songsmith, Myles’ performance will serve as a warm welcome to The East Room!

Speaking of that show back in March, Natasha Blaine also crushed it that night. Since then, she’s released her new EP, titled I Fall in Love Too Easily, which has only helped her brand of jazz-pop catch fire here in Nashville — and everywhere else!

SHELBYY is a modern pop-punk/rock artists from Los Angeles, currently residing in Nashville. Her new single, “LOUD,” is the quintessential post-COVID anthem, and a sign of the fun, edgy material she has coming down the pipeline. She’ll surely bring that same energy to the table when she joins us in East Nashville!

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